CCavenue is a Commerce service provider authorised by Indian fianancial institutions, to accept and validate internet payments .  CCavenue is the asia’s largest payment gatway, ccavenue is the payment gateay solution which has ability to provide the spectum of payment gatway options:

1.All types of credit cards

2.Debit cards

3.ATM cum Debit cards

4.Debit cards to bank account of 30+Indian Banks, 20+ Chinese Banks and 3 Singapore Banks

5.Mobile Payments

6.Cash cards

CCavenue provides payment gaetway API Intigration for your e-commerce website to make online payment .

if you are using a wordpress the CCavenue payment integration process is very simple for wordpress user. There are number of plugin available in the market for ccavenue integration
in the woocommerce( woocomerce is the plugin which is used in the wordpress for selling a products).
here i am explaning you the process step by step

CCavenue payment integration process is very simple for wordpress user.

1.Before getting satrted, Make sure that you have CCavenue account is activated

2.Login in your wordpress dashboard and install and activate plugin for Ccavenue payment gatway for woocommerce

3.Now go to woocommerce ->settings->checkout tab. you would see the CCavenue checkout option on ccavenue option, here you can do all setting of ccavenue integration

5.from here you can enable or disable ccavenue, set Title, Discription which the user shows during checkout.

6.Merchant ID , Working key, Access Code these tree are essential entities , you would get information these in your CCavenue account.

7. Merchant ID(USER ID) available at “Generate Working Key” of “Settings and Options at CCAvenue.”

8.After successfuly integration of CCavenue you can see ‘check circle tick’ under woocommerce->checkout tab, which means you have  succesfully integrate and ready for online transaction

you can enable sandbox mode for testing porpose, for sandbox mode you need different working key and access code .you will get it from ccavenue by requsting them.

Trouble Shooting

Error Code: 10002 Merchant Authentication failed. when you get this error make sure that you add correct Merchent ID.  The another possibility is that you send the order from different url that you have register for

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